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Initial Visit

Initial Visit

The LDI team led by world class dermatologist and laser specialist Dr. Jacob Rispler will examine your specific skin condition and develop a personalized treatment plan. The advantage of visiting an experienced large laser facility such as LDI is the numerous radio frequency and laser machines available on hand.

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Skin Conditions Treated Through the Use of Lasers

Skin Conditions Treated Through the Use of Lasers

When searching for a dermatologist and skin expert you can feel confident in the hands of Dr. Jacob Rispler a pioneer in the field of laser and rf technology to treat skin conditions

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Free Consultation

The free consultation offered by LDI is specifically constructed to allow patients to be introduced to Dr. Jacob Rispler and to become educated on how laser and rf technology can benefit you.

Dr. Rispler is as experienced as you can get in the field of non-surgical laser dermatology with has nearly four decades of treating patients.

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