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Acne Scarring Orange County

Acne scars result from the natural healing process of the skin.  After an acne inflammation, the body produces collagen to repair damage.  Depending on the type of skin you have, as well genetics and healing rates, the type of acne scarring will vary.  Acne scars are indented due to the loss of collagen from serious inflammation.

Scarring will occur to some degree with most acne patients.  If medical treatments are delayed, skin altering scarring may be the result.  During the ongoing aging process, the loss of collagen and reduced skin tone can cause acne scars to be more visible.

Dr. Rispler of LDI provides the most advanced technology, knowledge, and experience to improve acne scars in Los Angeles.  Certified by the American Board of Dermatology, he is regarded for his expertise in treating various skin disorders.  He has safely improved the appearance of acne scars for over 35 years.

Using a combination of FDA approved medicines and specialized advanced lasers, Dr. Rispler has provided a successful alternative to over the counter treatments.  Each treatment is tailored to the unique characteristics of the patient’s skin.  We work with non-ablative lasers that do not harm the skin and require no recovery time.  Our treatments are safe, cost-effective, and deliver the most precise results.

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